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Lower and Upper Sunshine Coast Métis citizens made up half the panelists at the Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of John Coulter’s play “The Trial of Louis Riel” in Regina on Saturday. Before heading home, the travellers gathered outside the Doubletree Hilton where the symposium was held. From left to right : Roger Lagassé, Secretary of the United Canadian Métis Nation (UCMN),Maureen Mason and husband, David Doyle, Secretary of the Friends of Louis Riel and author of “Louis Riel, Let Justice be Done”, George (arm uplifted) and Terry Goulet, Métis authors of “The Trial of Louis Riel, Justice and Mercy Denied”.. The five also attended a gala dinner with the Lieutenant Governor General in honour of the 50th anniversary of the play and appeared as extras in the public gallery on the stage as Coulter’s script was performed on Sunday in Saskatchewan.  Appearing carrying the banner below are also Paulette (President) and Denis Duguay of the Union nationale métisse de Saint-Joseph du Manitoba, the oldest Métis organisation in Canada created by Louis Riel and his compatriots in Batoche, Saskatchewan.